Yoni Sacred Feminine Oil

Yoni Sacred Feminine Oil

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Our Yoni Sacred Feminine Oil is made with all natural ingredients that have been chosen for their known soothing properties. This oil is just what you need to keep your sacred place balanced and to restore lubrication after childbirth, pelvic exam or a passionate experience. In addition, it is also ideal for dryness caused by physiological stress.

As an added bonus, this natural oil blend is perfect to use after shaving or to soothe and moisturize the skin of the vulva or perineum. Use it as a massage oil to aid in perineal stretching during pregnancy and leading up to childbirth or to soothe and protect tender tissues postpartum.

Possible Ways to Package:

1 Gallon Jug will yield 64 - 2 oz bottles @ $12.00 = $768.00

32 oz Jug will yield 16 - 2 oz bottles @ $12.00 = $192.00

16 oz Bottle will yield 8 - 2 oz bottles @ $12.00 = $96.00

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